The town of Selfoss


Selfoss is a town with approximatily 6.000 in habitatants. It is situated between Reykjavik and all major natural wonders in the south of Iceland. 

Selfoss is a just 50 kilomters drive from Reykjavik by car. The ringroad (Icelandic: Hringvegur) runs through the town on it's way between Hveragerði and Hella and is the first major stop east of Reykjavik. It is a centre of commerce and small industries of around 6.000 in habitants which makes it the largest residential area in South Iceland.   In 1900 there were only 40 inhabitants, but by 2006 the population had climbed to 6,000. 



There is a good busservice from and to Reykjavik. The costs of a ticket amounts approximately ISK 1.600 (Euro 12). Also busservices to other areas leave from Selfoss. Today, with more efficient transportation, the town enjoys the proximity to the Reykjavík area and is predicted to grow in coming years as businesses and residents will relocate to it because of lower property prices. This has also led to many relocating their homes from Reykjavík to much calmer Selfoss. It enjoys low rates of unemployment and is the home of one of the largest colleges in the country FSU Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands. In early August, the town holds a festival called "Sumar á Selfossi", meaning "Summer in Selfoss". Local residents decorate their gardens with ribbons, coloured according to neighbourhood, and a fete is held on the public grassland behind the civic library. The fete involves selling of homemade goods on small stalls, performances by musicians and magicians on a temporary stage, and in 2011 a "Strongest Man" competition was held, with video recording by Icelandic television channeStöð 2. In the evening, the revelry continues with a large bonfire and free fireworks display.


Panoramic view of Selfoss


The closest towns are Stokkseyri, Eyrarbakki and Hveragerði. Although "foss" means waterfall in Icelandic, there are no waterfalls in the town.


The town offers a couple of supermarkets (Bonus, Netto, Kronan, (fastfood) restaurants (KFC, Domino's Pizza, Chinese, etc.), a swimming pool, ATM Machine/bank, liquor store (Vinbudin), etc. 


In case of emergency there is a doctor, hospital and dentist available in the village. 


                                         Bridge of Selfoss  - Ölfusárbrú